SM&CR Package


Agenda understands and are able to offer screening checks compliant to the FCA SM&CR guidelines. Our specialist finance sector screening staff can assist with carrying out these checks on an individual candidate basis.

Financial firms have a duty to ensure appropriate pre-employment screening and annual re-screening checks are performed to ensure that staff are ‘Fit and Proper’. This gives confidence to clients that new employees have been screened to the highest level and ensures compliance with the SM&CR has been met.

The checks included in this package are:

  • Identity Confirmation
  • Finance Check
  • FCA Register Check
  • 6 Year Employment Referencing (FCA Regulated)
  • Employment Gap Analysis
  • Qualification Check
  • Standard DBS 
  • Sanctions & Politically Exposed Persons Check
  • Directorship Search

Turnaround time: 10 working days

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